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Неверный ввод

Finnish sauna with swimming pool

Finnish sauna is a dry heat sauna with low humidity of indoor air (10-25%) and high temperature around 90-110°C. It is alleged heat intensity in this sauna is much higher and this is its advantage. The value of a sauna for fitness and body tempering is widely known and used public.

Sauna has the most pronounced effect of on heat transfer, circulation, function of autonomous and central nervous system. Sauna procedures provide wide range of effects on the activity of the cardiovascular system. Taking a sauna stimulates the endocrine glands that are functionally interconnected and regulate activities of many body systems.

Major factors that impact the human body in Finnish sauna are:

  • high air temperature;
  • quick changes of contrasting temperatures (from high to relatively low);
  • humidity.

The influence of sauna increases metabolism, improves digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.